Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daul Kim : Say Hi to Forever...

im sure there is a way to become strong without being tough...

say hi ....to happiness!!!
to be honest, living in paris was fun 
but also very very depressing

i was used to getting anything i want at anytime
since i was young
i used to get very upset or agressive or simply
did not understand WHY sometimes i cant get what i want
and now i realised, things dont work like that
in europe... almost more than 50% of chance
it wont work out like you want, and people will be retarded about things
and if you stress about it
only you will suffer
i knew the theory always but then its hard to accept it,
and i told myself, before im 25, i will force myself to suffer abit in abroad
to develop myself, cos i feel like when i get back home ppl treat me like a princess
and i keep getting super spoiled....n alot of weird ppl so...i become caught up
its better in korea i can focus on the emotional complexity of life
its abit entertaining to deal with psycho people ... 
... it kills time.
its still a constant battle between my old friends telling me 
"Uve become so tough poor you! means u suffered"
"its so un nessasory you learn these things you are gonna come back anyway"
but im sure there is a way to become strong without being tough...
ive been very happy recently. and im learning how to not be tough but strong.
i lived a fast life and i wanted to end it as quick as possible
and now days i feel like... everyday is kind of precious to me


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