Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hendrik Kerstens

These works remind me Vermeer's "Girl with a pearl earing"

Sam Taylor-Wood - A Little Death (2002)

I had never seen anything more disgusting! But I can't argue that it is very powerful (don't want to use the word "art" for this) This is not for everyone, so if you are "gentle" type of person, better skip this video.
Is a fruit fake? Why they didn't touch it and it didn't rot?

Martin Klimas
Master of speed photography he creates amazing temporary sculptures which exist only for split second.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Lauren Kalman

Хорошо, что есть люди, которые не следуют всеобщим представлениям о вещах, а делают все по своему. Я бы с удовольствием купила первое украшение))

Eric Klarenbeek's Eye Jewellery Project

Такого точно еще никто не видел))